May 28, 2023

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Finding Yourself Within Your Drink

These are officially the finest cocktail menus across the world. Bartenders, apply now for your drinks list to be next – The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

The particular most recent addition to the particular 50 Best Bars awards programme, the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu award series celebrates the individual brilliance of outstanding drinks lists around the world. Bartenders should apply now to give their bar a chance to be recognised in the particular upcoming edition. Meanwhile, discover the three venues that have won the accolade to date

The latest edition of the Siete Misterios Greatest Cocktail Menu Award is now open for applications until Monday, 22nd August 2022. The ultimate international accolade that a venue can win for the unique concept and execution associated with its drinks list, the particular award is open in order to any bar of any size, anywhere in the world – to use, simply submit a 500-word statement plus supporting piece of media on the particular online application form .

A selection committee formed of senior 50 Best representatives and its Academy Chairs will then evaluate the entries on five key areas of the particular menu’s production: Design plus Layout; Storytelling; Innovation; Range of Drinks; and Sustainability. The winner of the Siete Misterios Best Beverage Menu Award 2022 will be announced at The World’s fifty Best Bars awards ceremony, sponsored by Perrier, in Barcelona upon 4th October 2022.

Get inspired simply by browsing the particular venues that have won this special award since its inception in late 2021:

Bar Trigona , Kuala Lumpur: Herb Garden within Your Glass
A page from Pub Trigona’s award-winning menu

The champion of the 7 Misterios Greatest Cocktail Menus for that Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022 awards programme marks a departure from the traditional format where cocktails are divided by spirits. Instead, indigenous herbs form the basis of Plants in Your Cup .

Individual pages are usually devoted to pandan – a fragrant leaf often used in Malaysian desserts; pegaga – the common creeping herb; the particular ambrosial and citric lemongrass; and bunga kantan – known as torch ginger. Each of these effervescent ingredients is used across the menu plus adds an esoteric twist to some familiar favourites. Top choices are the Pegaga Sour, with pegaga-cooked wine, honey, bitters and egg white, or the enigmatic Silent Stinger, infused along with vodka, lemongrass, tomato, tobacco and Worcestershire sauce.

While Herb Garden in Your Glass gives international guests a moreish taste of Malaysian flavours, the menu will be also designed to educate drinkers about food wastage and how to reuse common ingredients that will may otherwise be discarded.

Lab 22 , Cardiff: Theory + Frontiers
Lab 22’s snakebite negroni on the menu and in the glass

This up-and-coming establishment in Cardiff, the capital associated with Wales within the UK, wowed judges with its artistry, sustainability and incredibly inventive cocktails, winning the inaugural Siete Misterios Best Drink Menu reputation at The particular World’s 50 Best Pubs 2021.

Theory + Frontiers takes cues through science plus invention. The cocktails embody practices such as urban farming (Concrete Daisy uses rooftop honey) and marine exploration (Point Nemo is garnished with sea-salted chocolate fish scales). Every page is usually deeply considered, with beautiful artwork plus any extra information, such as the science behind the drink, accessible via a QR code.

Lab 22’s ideological values of accessibility, transparency and community are present throughout the particular menu. The particular text is available in both English and Welsh to accommodate its multilingual guests plus the flavour combinations are explained in a ‘drop matrix’ in the centre from the menu, to aid drink decision-making. Locally sourced and grown ingredients are found in each cocktail, while the sharing beverages contribute in order to chosen charities and funds, like Cardiff Foodbank and The Drinks Trust.

Guests are also encouraged to support more of the city’s local businesses through the ‘decision tree’ flowchart at the denouement of the menu, which suggests where consumers might want to head to next.

Mace , New York: Mace 3. 1
A sneak peek into the particular Mace 3. 1 menus

The most current winner of the Siete Misterios Greatest Cocktail Menu is Mace, which picked up the accolade on 7th June 2022 at the inaugural version of North America’s fifty Best Bars . Mace is founded on the particular principle of creating unique drinks with surprising flavour combinations, executed through highly technical processes that are conveyed in order to guests in a manner that is easy to understand.

In Mace 3. 1 , simple botanical sketches of ingredients belie the sophisticated techniques at play in the particular glass. The particular bar ostensibly identifies itself by combining ingredients that at first seem diametrically opposed, but when exposed to skill, technique plus balance, become perfect bedfellows. For instance, the eponymous Mace includes Italian orange liqueur, aquavit, beet juice, orange acid, young Thai coconut cordial and mace mist. Frankincense works to demonstrate the bar’s ability to pair savoury flavours with sweet, featuring brown butter- and cep-infused bourbon, walnut liqueur plus frankincense smoke.

The physical menu itself is a work of art. Specially commissioned illustrations highlight each serve’s base spice, with a description from the vessel used to house the drink. The only other information provided is how the cocktail is definitely prepared – shaken, stirred or built – and where the particular spice finds its origin. It’s the symbiotic experience that tells the bar’s story along with minimal words on the web page, allowing the ingredients and the bar team’s skill in liquid alchemy to sing.

Can your cocktail menu compete with the best? Submit your own application simply by 22nd August to give yourself a chance to earn. To be the first to hear about the latest news plus announcements from 50 Best Bars, follow us upon Instagram , find us on Facebook , visit us on Twitter and subscribe in order to our YouTube channel .