October 1, 2023

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Finding Yourself Within Your Drink

The 10 Largest Energy Drink Companies in the World… and the 5… – VinePair

There’s myriad reasons why one might choose to sip an energy drink. Whether as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or morning coffee alternative, the sips offer a quick zap of energy to bring you back in focus.

In the United States, energy drinks’ caffeine content ranges from those found in a cup of coffee (around 80 milligrams) to as much as the whopping 400 milligrams. (For context, the particular FDA recommends that adults consume no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. ) Some brands are just as well-known for their cocktail mixing abilities — care for a vodka Red Bull, anyone?

Finance platform Insider Monkey identified the most popular global energy drink brands — a market valued at $45 billion and counting — and ranked these companies by market capitalization. (As private companies like Red Half truths don’t have publicly-listed market capitalizations, those weren’t included in this roundup. ) Keep reading to learn more about the top energy drink companies that give the particular world wings.

10. Zevia – $283. 28 million market capitalization

Known best for its Zevia Energy offerings, this company distributes a multitude associated with soft drinks across the United States and Canada.

9. National Beverage Corp. – $4. 795 billion

This beverage distribution company’s best-known products include ZipFizz or Rip It power drinks plus sparkling water brand LaCroix.

8. Dutch Bros Inc. – $6. 411 billion dollars

While the phrase “Dutch Bros” might immediately conjure thoughts of the drive-thru coffee chain popular in the western U. S., the company also offers caffeine in the form of Blue Rebel energy drinks.

7. Celsius Holdings, Inc. – $8. 64 billion market

Crowned TikTok’s favorite power drink, this wellness-adjacent brand also produces liquid dietary supplements, flavored beverages, and all sorts of energy-spiked bevvys.

6. Suntory Beverage & Food Limited – $10. 42 billion

Suntory is an important name in both the particular beverage alcohol and N/A markets. Its best-known energy drink is V, the brand that’s popular within Japan. It’s also sold in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and other markets throughout the globe.

5. Campbell Soup Company – $16. 217 billion dollars

This one may initially seem surprising — but not when you learn that the soup organization also manufactures V8 +ENERGY drinks.

4. Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. – $18. 284 billion

This company’s reach spans medicine, health, beauty, food, and other sectors. It’s popular Oronamin C energy drink is available in Japan.

3. Monster Beverage Corporation – $54. 282 billion dollars

Monster will be one associated with the most recognizable names in power drinks — with its seemingly endless selection of flavors, it’s the particular go-to option for many sleepy consumers.

2. PepsiCo, Inc. – $255. 827 billion

There are several popular energy drink brands such because Rockstar, Amp Energy, and MTN DEW under PepsiCo’s umbrella. The particular corporation also holds a stake in Celsius.

1 . The Coca-Cola Company – $278. 282 billion

Endless high-caffeine riffs on classic Coke catapulted this business to the top. Beyond the Coca-Cola Energy line, this particular company also offers juice, dairy, tea, coffee, and of course, soda.

Globally, Pepsi and Pepsi dominate the energy drink marketplace — something that’s reflected in the particular United States as well. The top five energy manufacturers in the United Says — Red Bull, Beast, VPX, Rockstar, and Reign — rake in some $16 billion in annual dollar sales, according to Beverage Industry .