October 1, 2023

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Is WWE Fake?


WWE is the largest international professional wrestling company. Its shows are broadcast on various networks across the world and its social media accounts are wildly popular. The company has a large fan base, and its superstars are often viewed as role models.

Whether or not WWE is fake depends on what you want to call it. Essentially, it is a mix of theatre, TV drama, sport, athleticism, brawl, stage combat, reality television, storytelling, and a traveling circus.

It is not entirely scripted, but it does follow a few rules and guidelines that have been set. Those include the way the results of matches are decided, what wrestlers say, and what they do.

They also use gimmicks that help make the storyline more interesting and make the audience care about the characters. This is known as kayfabe.

A lot of the wrestlers have worked “shoot” promos where they are off-script and add in a lot of real life elements. Roman Reigns has done a lot of this with his program with John Cena.

Rock n Sock was one of the most talented teams in the history of tag team wrestling. They were athletic giants who could face teams like Edge and Christian one week, and Viscera and The Big Show the next.

The United States Express was another very good duo. They were made up of two young superstars who brought their impressive amateur backgrounds to the ring.

They were able to break the record for the longest title reign in WWE Tag Team history, and they became one of the most popular pairings on Raw. They were a great example of how different two-person combinations can work well together, bringing their individual strengths to the table and creating memorable moments for fans.