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Healthline Editor’s Picks of the Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages – Healthline

In the particular United States, a nonalcoholic beverage is one that contains less than 0. 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) ( 1 ).

However , the umbrella of nonalcoholic beverages is large, encompassing water and juice products as well as alcohol-free beer and wine.

When purchasing a nonalcoholic beverage, it’s important to be aware that some products, such as kombucha, are made using fermentation and may still contain very small amounts associated with alcohol.

Similarly, some nonalcoholic beers and wines are dealcoholized , meaning manufacturers make them in the same way as traditional beer plus wine and then remove almost all the ethanol (alcohol) ( 1 ).

Keep in mind that while 0. 5% or less ABV is considered a trace amount of alcohol, people who wish to avoid alcohol completely may want to select a beverage that is made without the production of alcohol.

We considered the following factors when choosing these nonalcoholic beverages:

  • Nutritional content: All of us looked for products with less compared to 15 grams (g) associated with added sugar per serving (bonus points to those along with even less) and prioritized beverages that will contain few or no artificial additives and preservatives.
  • Taste: We all know that taste is subjective. We considered how closely each beverage mimicked its alcoholic counterpart, whether the flavor profile was unique or even complex, and, most importantly, whether we wanted to keep drinking it after the first couple of sips.
  • Price: We included options to suit a range of budgets, from budget-friendly picks to more expensive, gift-worthy bottles.
  • Availability: All the products below are available within the United States. We tried to include several options that you’re likely in order to find at a liquor store or an online retailer, such as Amazon, though some may become available only directly from the particular company.
  • Brand reputation: All of the brands were vetted to ensure that they align with Healthline’s brand integrity standards plus approach to well-being. You can read more about our vetting process .

Best overall zero-proof spirits and mixers


  • Price: $$–$$$
  • Our favorite items: Amaretti, Coffee Originale, Spiced Cane Spirit, Amalfi Spritz Premix, plus G& T Premix
  • Who it’s best for: people looking to make alcohol-free or low alcohol versions of classic cocktails

Whether you’re looking to make a zero-proof version of your favorite cocktail or you want a premixed drink, Lyre’s has you covered .

“While there are many esoteric brands on the market with truly unique flavor profiles, we stuck to the classics, ” explained Carlos.

“If you are the rum drinker, we have three expressions for you. If you love gin, we now have two for you. This way consumers and bartenders alike can take their favorite drinks and substitute Lyre’s to make that same cocktail in nonalcoholic form. ”

During testing, we found all this to be true. From whipping up espresso martinis using Lyre’s Coffee Originale to shaking amaretto sours using their Amaretti, we were blown away by how closely Lyre’s spirits replicated the particular complexity of our favorite cocktails.

Lyre’s currently offers more than 17 spirits for mixing, 5 premixed beverages, plus a celebratory bottle associated with bubbly. You can also purchase cocktail sets, which make great gifts.

Serving suggestion: When you purchase a bottle of Lyre’s, you’ll get a QR code that provides access in order to a library of 36 drink recipes. We recommend trying the espresso martini or one of the sours.

Best for gin fans

Seedlip Garden 108

  • Price: $$$
  • Who it’s best for: people who prefer drinks along with strong herbal notes

Speaking of unique flavors, if you are looking for an herbaceous beverage, then you’ll want to try Seedlip Garden 108.

Often considered the first nonalcoholic spirit company, Seedlip was born out of a desire to create a sophisticated nonalcoholic option derived from natural ingredients.

The company currently offers 3 spirits, but the Garden 108 is our favourite for gin fans.

Made with peas, hops, hay, rosemary, thyme, and spearmint , the spirit adds a lovely complexity and freshness to more basic and complex drinks alike.

Seedlip Backyard 108 will be allergy-friendly, sugar-free, and calorie-free. It’s also sustainably packaged and arrives in a beautiful bottle that’s worthy of any beverage display shelf.

Serving suggestion: We recommend sticking with the particular company’s recommendation of pouring 2 ounces (oz), or even 59 milliliters (mL), into a glass with ice; adding a generous splash of ginger ale; and garnishing with a rosemary sprig.

Best canned zero-proof cocktail

Lyre’s G& T

  • Price: $$
  • Who it’s best for: people who love gin and tonics and want a convenient premixed option

After trying numerous premixed zero-proof drinks, we came back to Lyre’s, our pick for the best overall nonalcoholic spirit company.

Lyre’s presently offers five premixed cocktails, and while they’re all enjoyable to drink, the particular G& T is the clear standout.

Offering bold tastes of juniper and citrus and a dry finish, the Lyre’s G& T will have a person believing you’re sipping on the real thing.

Each 8. 5-oz (250-mL) can provides 64 calories plus 12. 8 g associated with sugar ( 2 ).

Just keep in mind that the product contains quinine . While small amounts of quinine are likely safe during pregnancy, there are some concerns that higher amounts could have negative effects ( 3 ).

Therefore , people who are usually pregnant may feel a lot more comfortable skipping this one. Instead, all of us recommend the particular Amalfi Spritz Premix as a satisfying alternative.

Helping suggestion: All of us recommend flowing Lyre’s G& T right into a glass with a large ice cube and garnishing having a lime wedge.

Best no-frills nonalcoholic mixers

Betty Buzz

  • Cost: $$
  • Our favorite products: Sparkling Lemon Lime and Ginger Beer
  • Who it is best with regard to: people looking for no-frills, low sugar mixers

Founded simply by actor plus celebrity Blake Lively, Betty Buzz is your answer regarding tasty nonalcoholic mixers that will aren’t packed with added sugars and artificial additives. Plus, the mixers come inside adorable glass bottles.

Betty Buzz currently offers 5 flavors, almost all made with natural ingredients and free through artificial flavors, sweeteners , and colors. They’re furthermore gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, plus vegan-friendly.

Our favorite was the Betty Hype Ginger Beer, which wasn’t cloying like most other ginger beers on the market. We all also liked that its ginger flavor was bright and crisp without being overly spicy.

Depending on the particular flavor, Betty Buzz mixers contain 0–70 calories and 0–13 g of added sugar per 9-oz (266-mL) bottle ( 4 ).

Keep in mind that whilst one bottle is listed as a single serving, the company recommends using 1 bottle in order to craft two cocktails.

Serving suggestion: We combined Betty Buzz Ginger Beer along with Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit and fresh lime juice for a nonalcoholic dark plus stormy. To keep things simple, the Sparkling Grapefruit also makes for a great twist on a paloma when paired with lime juice and jalapeño slices.

Best nonalcoholic sparkling rosé


  • Price: $$
  • That it’s perfect for: people searching for an alcohol-free sparkling rosé

Crafted with all-natural ingredients, TÖST Rosé is our choose if you want something bubbly that tastes sophisticated (and not like a grocery store bottle of sparkling cider).

This sparkling rosé is usually described as having a fruity nose and a dry, light finish, both of which we found to be true. Plus, unlike many other nonalcoholic sparkling wines, TÖST Rosé doesn’t taste like you are just drinking carbonated fruit juice.

Instead, white tea, white cranberry, and elderberry , ginger, plus citrus extracts work together to create a soft yet sharp flavor that will had us craving the second cup.

One 8-oz (240-mL) serving associated with TÖST Rosé provides 40 calories and 10 gary the gadget guy of glucose ( 5 ).

Helping suggestion: Keep it simple plus (slowly) pour it into your preferred Champagne flute.

Greatest nonalcoholic wine

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling

  • Price: $$
  • Who it’s best intended for: people looking for a sweet yet crisp whitened wine alternative

Finding a good nonalcoholic wines isn’t easy. In fact, this category was by far the particular hardest in which to find a product that passed both Healthline’s vetting standards and our taste test. However, we all finally stumbled upon this zero-proof riesling from Leitz.

Perfect to get a warm summer day, Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling is definitely a bit lighter compared to many traditional rieslings yet still provides notes of citrus, apple, and minerality for the clean, refreshing finish.

This nonalcoholic wine is usually made with just four simple ingredients and is free from synthetic additives. Simply keep within mind that it’s a dealcoholized wine, meaning that it likely consists of trace amounts of alcohol.

One 5-oz (150-mL) glass provides around 26 calories and 6 g each of carbs and sugar ( six ).

Serving suggestion: We enjoyed this wine on the own, but it would also pair nicely with the spicy curry.

Best craft nonalcoholic beer company (tie)

Athletic Brewing

  • Price: $$$
  • Our own favorite products: Run Wild IPA plus Upside Dawn Golden
  • Who it is best pertaining to: people seeking for a craft ale experience without the alcohol

Founded in 2017, Athletic Brewing has quickly become the leading producer associated with nonalcoholic craft beer in the United States ( 7 ).

Using the proprietary brewing method, just about all Athletic Making beers are fully fermented to less than 0. 5% ABV rather than being dealcoholized later.

The organization makes roughly 50 unique, nonalcoholic brews each year, ranging in style from hazy IPAs to a dark stout to a (very popular) golden ale. They also offer limited release beers, seasonal offerings, and small pilot batch brews.

Overall, our favorite is the Run Wild IPA, which has just the right balance of hops and refreshing citrus to keep us coming back for more.

While we didn’t get to test it, we’ve heard through the grapevine that the All Out Extra Dark is one of the best nonalcoholic stouts on the market. The company’s lineup furthermore includes DayPack — a line associated with lightly hopped sparkling waters.

Nutrition stats vary by product, though most of the beers have fewer than 100 calories per serving. For example, the 12-oz (355-mL) can of the Run Wild IPA provides just 65 calories plus 16 g of carbs ( 8 ).

Serving suggestion: Assuming you’re drinking at home, we recommend pouring your Athletic Brewing beer regarding choice in to a frosted mug.

Best craft nonalcoholic beer company (tie)


  • Price: $$
  • Our favorite products: Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA and Non-Alcoholic Golden Lager
  • Who it’s great for: people looking for flavor-packed nonalcoholic craft ales

This Colorado-based organization first came on our radar with regard to its nonalcoholic sparkling wines. However, it was Grüvi’s nonalcoholic beers that won us over.

The business currently offers six drinks — two stouts, 2 IPAs, a new wit, in addition to a golden lager — along with one or two rotating seasonal flavors.

While the selection is more small than Athletic Brewing’s and even the products can be more difficult in order to find , Grüvi’s beers were some of our own favorites among the ones all of us tested.

In particular, the Juicy IPA was a pleasant, full-bodied surprise. Pineapple is the dominant flavor, though you also get notes of citrus fruit and fig that help balance this out.

If you prefer a crushable beer that will isn’t hoppy, you’ll want to try the Golden Lager. Considering that won the particular Gold Medal for Non-Alcoholic Beer at the 2022 World Beer Cup Awards, it’s no surprise that this beer sells out fast.

Grüvi sodas contain 80 or fewer calories for each serving, depending on typically the flavor. The Juicy IPA, for example , offers 50 calories and 13 g involving carbs each 12-oz (355-mL) can ( 9 ).

Serving suggestion: Because these come in some sort of can, we all liked them best poured into a good frosted cup.

Best no-frills nonalcoholic wheat ale

Weihenstephaner Hefe Non-Alcoholic

  • Price: $
  • That it’s best for: beverage lovers looking for a simple nonalcoholic hefeweizen alternative

Produced by one connected with the oldest breweries in the world, Weihenstephaner Hefe Non-Alcoholic is our pick for this best no-frills wheat light beer.

Not only is it relatively affordable and easy to find, but it likewise offers subtle banana together with yeasty notes that you’d expect from a hefeweizen.

Plus, while many nonalcoholic beers come in cans, this beer is packaged in amber bottles and additionally has a light clove aroma that will have your own senses convinced you’re drinking the real thing.

One 12-oz (355-mL) bottle provides 75 calories ( 10 ).

Serving recommendation: Keep this beverage no-frills by drinking the idea straight from often the bottle.

Best refreshing nonalcoholic drink

Lagunitas Hop Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Refresher

  • Price: $
  • Who it is best for: people who like the taste with hops yet want your more relaxing alternative to some nonalcoholic dark beer

Recommended by Healthline Senior Editor Lisa Valente, MS, RD, this IPA-inspired sparkling beverage is perfect for sipping on a hot day.

More reminiscent of a fabulous seltzer compared to beer, your Hoppy Refresher features an important floral not to mention citrus taste along with a hoppy finish regarding a truly refreshing experience.

Plus, it’s a good option if you’re watching your current calories or carbs. Each 12-oz (355-mL) bottle is calorie-, carb-, and sugar-free ( 11 ).

Helping suggestion: Lagunitas Hop Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Refresher is delicious on its own, though it in addition creates a great shandy. Simply combine a bottle with muddled raspberries or even strawberries along with a splash or perhaps two for homemade lemonade.

Best kombucha


  • Price: $$
  • The most popular products: Bubbly Rose, Pomegranate, Ginger Lemon, and Holiday Cheers
  • Who it may be best intended for: people looking for the sweet, slightly tart refreshment they can buy in the grocery store

With countless kombucha brands on the exact market, it is very hard to be able to definitively say which one is the best. However , Health-Ade is our favorite option if you’re searching for a substitute to get a sparkling cocktail.

While some flavors are higher in added sugar as compared to others, many of us liked of which the ingredient lists were minimal and also included certified organic ingredients. Plus, all the flavors are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Uptempo Rose, Pomegranate, and Ginger Lemon are usually among our favorite flavors. Holiday Cheers is a lightly spiced seasonal variety that’s as well worth trying.

One 16-oz (473-mL) bottle about Pomegranate gives 80 calorie consumption and 12 g in added sugar ( 12 ).

Serving suggestion: Health-Ade kombucha will be delicious on its own or in a glass using a sprig from fresh mint or rosemary . We also like mixing it with Topo Chico pertaining to a lower sugar alternative.

Best flavored sparkling water


  • Price: dollar
  • Our favorite products: Pineapple, Cucumber, as well as Lime
  • Who is considered best meant for: people searching for more flavorful — and less artificial-tasting — sparkling water option

Sparkling drinking water doesn’t sound all the fact that exciting, nevertheless with Spindrift it actually can be.

Unlike numerous other popular sparkling normal water brands that simply use “natural flavorings, ” Spindrift uses real fruit juice, which results in a new less artificial-tasting beverage.

The firm currently offers 13 flavors, all of which are non-GMO certified and free of gluten plus added sugar.

Nutritional stats for Spindrift vary simply by flavor, although all tastes are low in calories from fat and sugars. For example, one 12-oz (255-mL) can of Spindrift Pineapple supplies 15 unhealthy calories and 3 g associated with sugar ( thirteen ).

Serving advice: Spindrift sparkling waters can be enjoyed on their own — we think they taste best put into a glass — although for a more mocktail-like feel, we suggest adding some sort of sprig regarding mint or a few slices of fresh (or frozen) fruit.

Best gleaming water designed for mixing

Topo Chico

  • Cost: $$
  • Who it has best just for: people seeking to add carbonation to their mixed drinks

If you’re looking for you to whip up a good nonalcoholic cocktail, there’s your good chance you’ll need to add some carbonation to help the mix.

While there is usually an overwhelming number involving sparkling waters in the marketplace, Dessin Chico gives an unparalleled crisp, clean flavor.

Plus, most of us found that it doesn’t seem to go flat as quickly as other brands, so you don’t have to worry about downing your zero-proof beverage too quickly.

Packaged in glass bottles, Topo Chico is some sparkling mineral water that has been bottled on the source in Monterrey, Mexico, since 1895.

Every 12-oz (355-mL) bottle is definitely calorie-, carb-, and sugar-free ( 14 ).

Helping suggestion: Submarino Chico works great inside a zero-proof mojito. Simply muddle sugar, fresh mint leaves, and a fabulous few lime wedges within a tall glass. Top along with Topo Rapaz and ice.