May 28, 2023

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15 Biggest Juice Companies And Brands In The World – Yahoo Finance

In this article, we discuss the 15 biggest juice companies and brands in the particular world. If you want to skip our detailed analysis of these companies, go directly to the 5 Biggest Fruit juice Companies Plus Brands In The World .

According to a recent evaluation by Grand View Research, Inc., the size of the worldwide fruit and vegetable juice market is anticipated to reach $228. 96 billion by 2030, showing the CAGR of 6. 3% over the projected period, reported Bloomberg . The introduction of fruit and vegetable mixes in retail stores all over the particular world plus emerging nations’ increased disposable income are among the notable drivers of the fruit juice market. The adoption associated with healthy lifestyles and the introduction of cold-pressed juices are usually expected to drive the market potential in the coming years. Globally, there is evidence that people drink fewer soft drinks, such as cola, flavored sodas, and other liquids with added sugar. Due to the rising demand for wholesome, fresh products and the simple accessibility of a wide selection of products, the veggie juice category will experience the quickest CAGR throughout the anticipated years.

Climate change is also having a rising impact on the particular juice plus nectar sector. Hurricanes have damaged orange-growing regions inside Florida and the Caribbean, while drought harms producers in Central and South America, California, and other places. Water is a crucial component as it makes up over 90% from the ingredients in still drinks. Pressure on producers to use less energy and water, more sustainable packaging, plus less transportation energy will increase as more nations begin to take more dramatic action in order to tackle climate change.

Our Methodology

We picked the top 15 greatest juice companies and manufacturers by marketplace capitalization.

Biggest Juice Companies And Brands In The particular World

fifteen. Reed’s, Inc. (NASDAQ: REED )

Market Capitalization as of November 20, 2022: $0. 004 billion dollars

Reed’s, Incorporation. (NASDAQ: REED) was founded in 1987 and is based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Reed’s, Inc. (NASDAQ: REED) manufactures and distributes handcrafted natural beverages in the United States and internationally. The company offers Reed’s real ginger ales, Reed’s ready-to-drink items, Virgil’s handcrafted sodas and other ginger beverages under Reed’s brand.

14. The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (NASDAQ: WTER )

Marketplace Capitalization since November twenty, 2022: $0. 036 billion

The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (NASDAQ: WTER) was incorporated in 2011 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The particular Alkaline Drinking water Company Incorporation. (NASDAQ: WTER) produces, redirects, and markets bottled alkaline water within the United States. The company also offers bottled alkaline water in various volumes under the Alkaline88 brand name. In addition , The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (NASDAQ: WTER) engages in the particular selling associated with hemp-derived CBD bottled water under the Alkaline88CBD brand; plus sports beverages under the Alkaline88 Sports Drinks brand. Alkaline88 has developed the first sports consume that instantly delivers elite hydration, performance-enhancing functionality, and delicious flavor, all with the freshness of all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, and zero calories.

13. The Vita Coco Organization, Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO )

Market Capitalization as associated with November 20, 2022: $0. 592 billion dollars

The Vita Coco Business, Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO) has been founded within 2004 and it is located in New York, New York. The particular Vita Coco Company, Incorporation. (NASDAQ: COCO) develops, marketplaces, and directs coconut drinking water products under the Vita Coco brand name in the usa, Canada, Europe, the particular Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. In June this year, The Vita Coco Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO) released Vita Coco Coconut Juice, the particular brand’s first juice offering. A blend of coconut water and a burst of tropical taste, Vita Coco Coconut Juice is available in two varieties: Original with Pulp and Mango. The Vita Coco Firm, Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO) distributes its products through club, food, drug, mass, convenience, e-commerce, plus food service channels.

12. Compañía Cervecerías Unidas S. A. (NYSE: CCU )

Market Capitalization as of November 20, 2022: $2. 08 billion

Compañía Cervecerías Unidas S. A. (NYSE: CCU) was founded inside 1850 and is located in Santiago, Chile. Compañía Cervecerías Unidas H. A. (NYSE: CCU) is a subsidiary associated with Inversiones y Rentas T. A. Compañía Cervecerías Unidas S. The. (NYSE: CCU) operates as a beverage organization in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The business produces and sells beverages, including carbonated sodas, nectars and juices, sports plus energy drinks, as well as ready-to-mix products with instant powder drinks. Inside Paraguay, Compañía Cervecerías Unidas S. A. (NYSE: CCU), through its subsidiaries, produces and redirects juices below the brand name Puro Sol.

11. MGP Ingredients, Incorporation. (NASDAQ: MGPI )

Market Capitalization since November twenty, 2022: $2. 61 billion

MGP Ingredients, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGPI) started in 1941 and will be headquartered in Atchison, Kansas. MGP Components, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGPI), together with the subsidiaries, produces and supplies distilled spirits, branded spirits, and food ingredients. It operates through three segments: Distillery Products, Branded Spirits and Ingredient Solutions. The organization sells its products directly or through distributors to manufacturers and processors of finished packaged goods or to bakeries primarily in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and Canada.

10. BellRing Manufacturers, Inc. (NYSE: BRBR )

Market Capitalization as of Nov 20, 2022: $3. 40 billion

BellRing Brands, Inc. (NYSE: BRBR) was incorporated in 2019 and is dependent in Saint Louis, Missouri. BellRing Brand names, Inc. (NYSE: BRBR), together with its subsidiaries, provides various nutrition items in the particular United States and worldwide. It was formerly a business unit of consumer packaged goods company Post Holdings, Incorporation. (NYSE: POST). BellRing Brands, Inc. (NYSE: BRBR) offers ready-to-drink shake and powder protein products primarily under the Premier Protein plus Dymatize brand names. The firm sells its products via clubs, meals, drug, mass, eCommerce, specialty, and comfort channels.

09. National Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ: FIZZ )

Market Capitalization as of November 20, 2022: $5. 02 billion dollars

National Drink Corp. (NASDAQ: FIZZ) was incorporated inside 1985 plus is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. National Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ: FIZZ), through the subsidiaries, develops, produces, markets, and sells a portfolio of sparkling waters, fruit juices, energy beverages, and soft drinks primarily within the Combined States and Canada. The business offers drinks to active and health-conscious consumers, including sparkling waters, energy drinks, and juices under the LaCroix, LaCroix Cúrate, LaCroix NiCola, Clear Fruit, Rip It, Everfresh, Everfresh Premier Varietals, plus Mr. Pure brands. This also provides carbonated drinks under the particular Shasta and Faygo brands.

08. Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CELH )

Marketplace Capitalization as of The fall of 20, 2022: $7. 67 billion

C Holdings, Incorporation. (NASDAQ: CELH) was founded in 2004 and it is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CELH) evolves, processes, marketplaces, distributes plus sells functional drinks and liquid supplements in North America, Europe, Asia, plus internationally. Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CELH) offers numerous carbonated and non-carbonated practical energy beverages under the CELSIUS Originals name, dietary supplements in carbonated flavors, and branched-chain amino acids functional power drink that will fuels muscle recovery below the CELSIUS BCCA+ENERGY title. Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CELH) furthermore provides C On-the-Go, the powdered form of the active ingredients in useful energy drinks in individual On-The-Go packets and canisters, and sparkling grapefruit, cucumber lime, plus orange pomegranate, as well as pineapple coconut, watermelon berry, and strawberries plus cream non-carbonated functional energy drinks underneath the CELSIUS Sweetened brand.

07. Fomento Económico Mexicano, S i9000. A. B. de C. V. (NYSE: FMX )

Market Capitalization as associated with November twenty, 2022: $26. 12 billion

Fomento Económico Mexicano, Ersus. A. W. de Chemical. V. (NYSE: FMX) has been founded inside 1890 and is based in Monterrey, Mexico. Fomento Económico Mexicano, Nasiums. A. M. de D. V. (NYSE: FMX), by means of its subsidiaries, operates while a bottler of Coca-Cola trademark beverages. The corporation produces, markets, and directs Coca-Cola trademark beverages inside Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. It makes, markets, offers and distributes Coca-Cola brand beverages, which includes sparkling drinks, such as colas and flavored dazzling beverages; oceans; and still beverages, such as juice drinks, coffee, teas, milk, value-added dairy products, and isotonic beverages. In 2007, Fomento Económico Mexicano, Ings. A. N. de G. V. (NYSE: FMX) acquired  juice maker Jugos del Valle for $380 million in a joint venture with Pepsi Co. to gain a greater share of the fast-expanding juice market.

06. Ambev S. The. (NYSE: ABEV )

Market Capitalization since November 20, 2022: $44. 96 billion dollars

Ambev Beds. A. (NYSE: ABEV) opened in 1885 and is usually headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil. Ambev S. A. (NYSE: ABEV) is a subsidiary of Interbrew International T. V. Ambev S. The. (NYSE: ABEV), through its subsidiaries, produces, distributes, plus sells different kinds associated with beverages, including carbonated soft drinks, malt, and other non-alcoholic drinks. The company operates through four segments: Brazil, Central America as well as the Carribbean, Latin The united states South and Canada. The particular company provides bottled water, isotonic beverages, energy drinks, coconut drinking water, powdered plus natural fruit juices, and ready-to-drink teas.

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